Lost Dream 8-Bit music


Back in 1985, I wrote a few joystick arcade games on the Atari 130xe.  I did incorporated collision style sound effects but hardly ever actual music scores.

When I changed up to the Commodore 128 (a semi-lateral move), I was more interested in RPG format games with Split-screen Text and Hi-Res graphics. This could have lent itself to more ambitious use of environmental sound-effects and musical narrative composition but alas, I lacked such industriousness.

To remedy this youthful oversight I intend to work through and review my experience learning Compute!’s Music System for the Commodore 128 & 64, The Enhanced Sidplayer published in 1986.

I will start simply by using the C64 version and see where it takes me.

SidPlayer Menu
SidPlayer Menu for the C128





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